Baby it’s cold outside! Think I’ll just stay in today. The dogs are not happy about it. But their time is coming


Today was the same as the past couple of weeks. Hector woke up distant and standoffish. But something was different too. He was smiling and laughing about the time he had to go to work. I notice everything, especially since what happened. So, today was the same, but different too. I casually asked him why…

cinnamon spice oatmeal, honey, banana, Chia seed, and apple. Healthy and delicious!😊

Beautiful day off

60 degrees in January? Yes please! My first day off in weeks and it turned out amazing!

Merry Christmas

Well, after a rough start, our Christmas ended fairly well. Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas

Bah humbug

When you spend all your money and your time. And all of your energy too on people who don’t give a rats rear end about you. You finally fall asleep at midnight on Christmas with one thought in your head and your heart…. Bah humbug